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Li Po  | flute, live electronics and tape |  6:55  2011 

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Li Po (701-762) was one of the most important romantic poets during the Tang dynasty. “Li Po” is a comment on his poetry. Read Li Po analysis.


Instant of a Crystal Glass  | acousmatic |  9:17  2007 

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The piece is an imaginary abstract soundscape of a crystal glass. The sounds that have been used for the composition derive from hits on the surface of a crystal glass and co-exist with some recordings of a saxophone, a piano and a breath. Commissioned by Visiones Sonoras 2007 Festival in Mexico.


Le Grain d'Annette  | acousmatic |  3:33  2010 

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This short piece is a sonic gift for the 65th birthday anniversary of Annette Vande Gorne, a great friend and teacher. Memories of fragmented piano notes, whispers, voices and all short of sounds coming out of the doors of the studio in Ohain.


Theories Underwater (excerpt)  | acousmatic |  15:44  2002 

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“When I look through the density of the water, at the paving in the depths of a swimming pool, I do not see it in spite of the water and its reflections. On the contrary, I see it through the reflections, because of them." Maurice Merleau-Ponty, L’œil et l’esprit


A South Wind Will Bring The Sand (excerpt)  | acousmatic |  10:20  2002 

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An image of a deserted vast area. A south wind approaches the listener / viewer. The wind lies on the sands. It forms sandbanks and carries along the sand grains, like clouds drifting away, and boats floating out to sea. Sand hills surround the listener.


Arioso Dolente/Beethoven op. 110 (excerpt)  | acousmatic |  7:06  2002 

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A comment on the original piano sonata (op.110) rather than an analytical approach to Beethoven’s music. Both the joy and the melancholy of life are merged in Beethoven's sonata as an omnipresent duality. This piece enhances this duality by means of spectral transparency and luminosity which often contrast and converse with textural obscurity and opacity. 


Sibylla's Voice (excerpt)  | acousmatic |  15:14  2001 

pr. notes:  english  greek  french    8-channels set up: 2D  3D  //  electro_cd_logo  youtube_logo_black

When Annette Vande Gorne asked me to compose a multi-channel piece, the idea of covering up simple musical ideas into complicate and obscure textural morphologies was pestering my mind. Sibylla’s Voice uses heavily treated instrumental (violin) and vocal recordings, in order to produce a strange ‘vocal’ feel (due to convolution between the violin and the vocal sounds).


Shadows  | acousmatic |  12:11  2000

pr. notes:  english  greek  french   

Shadows are the dark faces of light, the unexplored view of reality. Obscure or transparent, threatening or airy, a shadow always suggests motion. During the compositional process of this piece, I was exploring with great fascination the kinetic possibilities of shadows as well as the different types of gestural behaviour that could create their motion.


La Mer Profonde
  | acousmatic |  10:10  1996 

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La Mer Profonde proposes a listening in two levels. The first one is an imaginary perception of the sea. Serene or stormy: the sun sparkles on the water, the colours-frequencies become blurred during the descent, the darkness of the profound...The second is a symbolic perception: the deep of the sea is the cemetery for the shipwrecks and the image of the fecundity, the passage to Hades and the road to new discoveries.


La Mer Bleue  | acousmatic |  5:30  1996 

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The hum of the bees treated electronically creates the waves of the sea.  A string quartet, also treated, reminds the light on the surface and the liquid fluency. “La Mer” expresses the joy and the purity of the water.


Rhapsody on a Windy Night  | tape version |  10:11  2000-2003 

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The original version is for soprano, 2 percussionists performing on Derek Shiel's metallic sculptures and a narrator. One week before the premiere at Sadlers Wels Opera in London in 2002, I received a letter from Faber and Faber, T. S. Eliot's publisher, forbidding me to use his poem. Consequently, the soprano Frances Lynch could not utter the lyrics. It was a disaster...


Le Grain de Bruxelles  | acousmatic - soundscape |  7:67  1997 

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The first image I had from Brussels was the enormous cranes in the centre of the city. Every time I was looking at them I had the impression of a silent choreography under the sky.


Ecolapsis     music for dance by Theodoros Lotis - Ionian Act dance company. First performance: May 2007, Municipal Theatre of Corfu, Greece. The total duration of the music for Ecolapsis is about 60 minutes. Here are some of the tracks.